Green Light Toys

Automobuild opens the box and gives toys a green light!

Automobuild's mission is to inspire kids to understand how things can be put together to make something cool, and that's why we take time to give the products that we sell a green light. We share knowledge of our products with customers in our retail store, and want to be able to share this knowledge with customers across the United States!


Our green light road map:

  • Automobuild opens and test every toy

  • Each toy goes through the Research & development team (Owners John and Kirsten Dryden, as well as their two children)

  • Team assesses:

    • Long-term play value

    • Overall fun and engagement for everyone involved

    • Educational and creative value of toy

    • Clarity of instructions

    • Quality of toy

  • Automobuild gives a description of each toy, and why we like it